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It all started with a college project where my brother and I worked together. He drew sketches 

and I included them in my designs. Useful and different pieces were created, so we decided to continue the story.

Being a dancer my first choice was for comfort and practicality, so I often wear men's clothing.

This is reflected in my designs that are oversized and mainly cotton.


All pieces are made of material produced in Slovenia with OKO-TEX certification,

which means that the goods are free of carcinogenic dyes, pesticides and allergy-inducing dyes.

I sew all the products myself, so it's not about abusive people.

Everything is designed and made in Slovenia.

The prints are made in the manual screen printing technique, which is considered one of the most durable prints on textiles.


It is a family owned company Atelje Dobrovoljc, with GOODWILL as a brand for itself.

The name itself comes from our last name.

The company strives for local production, use of natural materials, comfort and positive energy.


 We want everyone to explore themselves and carry only products that they LOVE and in which THEY feels good.


Špela Dobrovoljc

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