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THE GOODWILL SURFER; is a skateboard with which you will create unforgettable moments, explain to your friends how Shark Wheels work and impress them with the Surfskate system. It is intended for those who are beginners and those who have already mastered skateboarding. The structure of the skateboard is made of quality maple and provides excellent flexibility, the final layer of the skateboard is emphasized with a combination of oak and walnut.


GOODWILL x SPECIAL BOARDS combines 100% handmade in Slovenia and above all goodwill!


Purchase includes:

- surfskate set GOODWILL SURFER



GOODWILL SURFER by Special Boards

€299.00 Regular Price
€239.20Sale Price

SURF SKATE: Skateboard for surfing the street.

SHARK WHEELS: Go effortlessly over sand, cracks, rocks and much more.

DESIGN: Shaka hands made by GW designer Žiga Dobrovoljc.

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